There are many ways in which you can help. You just have to choose which way you want to commit and collaborate with the 2015 Doñana International Birdfair, and whether you’d rather do it during the preparation or during the event itself.

To help you decide, we will give you some details on the tasks that each position entails and the number of volunteers we will need for each of them. In all cases, being a volunteer at the Birdfair will require a minimum dedication of 5 hours per day. And we will only be able to accept the applications of people who are 18 or older.

Anyhow, we would like to thank you in advance for your interest in this event.

A)  Set up and dismantling of the Birdfair

We will require help for the set up and dismantling of the venue 5 days before and 2 days after the event. This will imply:

– Preparing the site, distributing and positioning the fences and security barriers, cleaning up the weeds, collecting waste, placing signs, etc. And, when the event is over, tidying up and making sure there are no traces left of the Birdfair in the area and its environment.

– Distributing the materials and equipment (tables, chairs, lights, etc.) rented by each exhibitor, placing them on the corresponding stands, checking them and removing them at the end of the Birdfair.

– Receiving and organising, when required, the packages and parcels sent by the exhibitors through couriers or transport agencies, and placing them on the corresponding stands.

– Organising and placing the separate waste collectors (organic, plastics, paper and glass), and, at the end of the Birdfair, separating the waste that has not been removed by the cleaning service.

We need at least 10 volunteers per day (in 5-hour turns) during 5 days prior to the Birdfair and 2 days after it. These volunteers will make themselves available for whatever the Volunteer Coordinator and the organisers require.

B) Access for vehicles and parking areas

We need volunteers to organise the access for vehicles and the parking areas at the Birdfair. In order to use the maximum number of parking spaces, these volunteers will have to indicate the visitors where the parking areas are and make sure that the vehicles are correctly parked in the marked spaces. They should be determined and resolute people who can direct the drivers.

Given that the number of parking spaces in Dehesa de Abajo is limited, once they are all occupied, the volunteers will have to indicate the drivers where else they can park. The alternative parking areas will be defined by the organisers.

Important: The drivers that cannot park in the marked parking spaces (because they are occupied) need to be reminded that parking in the surroundings or in the shoulders of the road leading to Dehesa de Abajo is not allowed for traffic and security reasons.

We will need at least 10 volunteers per day (in 5-hour turns), who will make themselves available for whatever the Volunteer Coordinator and the organisers require.

C) Ticket sale

There will be one single entrance to the Birdfair, where the tickets will be sold and the visitors’ access will be controlled. The volunteers in this position will have to perform these tasks and they may also be required to help organise the waiting queues and the handing out of the Birdfair programmes.
In line with this, we need people who are meticulous, well organised and capable of managing the simple data base designed for the ticket sale and access control, as well as small amounts of money swiftly and safely. In case there is a credit card terminal available, these volunteers will be trained to use it.

These volunteers must be prepared to work under pressure and keep calm in all situations, particularly if they work on the first turn, in which a larger number of visitors is expected.

On days 2 and 3 of the Birdfair, we will need 6 volunteers for the 8.00 to 12.00 h. turn, 3 for the 12.00 to 16.00 h. turn and 3 more for the 16.00 to 20.00 h. turn.


– After paying the ticket, the visitors will receive ID straps that they will have to wear all through their visit.
– Given that the venue is located in a public area, the access to this area cannot be denied. But the access to the venue, which will be fenced, and to the Birdfair activities will only be permitted to those who buy a ticket. A second entrance will be available for those who want to visit the area but not participate in the Birdfair. There will also be activities held in specific closed areas within the venue, the access to which will also be controlled, so that only people with the corresponding strap will be allowed to come in.
– It is important to remember that people living in La Puebla del Río (they will need to present their ID card to prove it) won’t have to pay the entrance ticket to the Birdfair.

D) Sales at the Doñana Birdfair shop

There will be two points of sale of Doñana Birdfair products in the venue, where the official merchandise of the Birdfair and the organisers will be offered and the official Birdfair programme will be available. Each point will have an easy-to-use cash register to control the transactions and the number of products sold.

The main objective is selling the largest possible amount of Doñana Birdfair merchandise, making sure that the visitors are aware of the fact that the funds collected through these sales will be invested in conservation works (at the Dehesa de Abajo Nature Reserve ).
We are looking for people who can encourage the visitors to purchase merchandise with the purpose of contributing to a conservation project, in addition to getting a souvenir of their visit to the Birdfair, Dehesa de Abajo and Doñana. It is important to be active in selling those products in order to raise the largest possible amount of funds.
We will need 3 volunteers for each point of sale (6 people in total, working in 5-hour turns) on days 2, 3 and 4 of the Birdfair.

E) Conference Hall

The opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the Conference Hall, that will also welcome a series of lectures and other activities included in the programme. Therefore, the need of support from the volunteers will be practically constant every day of the Birdfair.
We are looking for volunteers who can control the access and capacity of the hall, and check the functioning and availability of microphones for the lecturers and the public, the needs regarding other audio-visual means, the availability of water for the lecturers, the ID signs on the table, the Doñana Birdfair background between lectures and the corresponding backgrounds during lectures, etc.
We will need 3 volunteers at the Conference Hall, working in 5-hour turns during days 2 and 3 of the Birdfair. They will make themselves available to the Volunteer Coordinator and the organisers, who will decide on their tasks and time schedules.

F) Information point

There will be an information point in the main building, which will be conveniently marked. We are looking for volunteers who are familiarised with the venue and its different infrastructures and activities to help and advise the visitors and exhibitors and make the loudspeaker announcements when required.

They will make themselves available to the Volunteers Coordinator, whom they will also help supervise the daily registry of volunteers and the distribution of tasks among them.

We need people who can answer clearly and confidently to questions like: “Where is the exhibitors’ marquee?” or “Where do the guided tours around Dehesa de Abajo start from?” But also questions such as: “I have got a flat tire, where is the closest garage?” or “How can I reach my hotel from here?”. Obviously, these volunteers will receive the necessary information, as well as tools to look for data they may not know, so they can respond adequately to the requests of visitors and exhibitors. They will be supported by the Volunteers Coordinator and the organisers, but it is essential that they are well acquainted with the venue, Dehesa de Abajo and Doñana.

We will need 2 volunteers to staff the information point in 5-hour turns on days  of the Birdfair.

G) On-site support service

We need people for this team who are in a good physical condition and can stand for long periods of time and move constantly around the venue. In addition, they must have some manual labour skills and know how to use work tools. They will have walkie-talkies (or another permanent communication system) to stay in touch with the organisers and the rest of their team. They may have to drive the vehicles made available to them by the organisers. They need to be kind and capable of managing with safety, confidence and well manners the complaints and demands of the exhibitors and visitors, most of which they will have to transmit to those who can solve them. In case of doubt, they will always refer to the Volunteers Coordinator or the organisers.

These will be some of their tasks:

– To walk regularly around the venue to check all security and health aspects, for instance in relation to the evacuation routes, the fire control system, etc. (more specific information in this respect will be duly provided). In general, their presence will be visible and constant in the venue.

– To deal with those questions and complaints of the exhibitors and visitors that they can solve, mostly relative to material needs or physical help, and to transmit those that they can’t solve to the corresponding teams.

– To resolve the incidents and accidents that may occur at the venue, including those that may affect the smoking areas.

– To help direct the traffic inside the venue, including the movements of contractors, exhibitors, volunteers and the different services at the Birdfair, especially during the delivery and removal of materials and equipment at the set up and dismantling of the stands.

– To help the visitors (particularly disabled people) in the parking area.

– To control the access to the venue of exhibitors, insurance agents and contractors before the opening of the Birdfair, checking their passes before letting them in.

– To keep the venue in optimal conditions, collecting and carrying the waste to the different waste collectors and keeping everything clean.

– To place tables and chairs (and other materials when required) for the activities and workshops, and to remove them when they are finished.

During the Birdfair (days 1 to 4), we will need 10 volunteers to join this team and work in 5-hour turns from 08.00 to 20.00 h.

All help will be welcome! If you wish to contribute as a volunteer, please contact us at sec.tecnica@donanabirdfair.es