Would you like to become an exhibitor at the Doñana International Birdfair?

If you represent a firm, association or institution connected with the world of birds, the environment, nature tourism or any other activity related to the objectives of the Doñana International Birdfair, we offer you the possibility to have an exhibitor stand in this event.

The price of the stand includes the following services:

  • Set up and dismantling of the stand and use of the space during the time of the exhibition
  • Stand, fitted with plugs box with differential, service desk and furniture to sit on.
  • General lighting at the marquee
  • Cleaning of the common areas
  • Permanent security service inside and outside the marquee
  • Free advertising of the company or institution on the Birdfair’ catalogue
  • Exhibitor badges for the exhibitors and stand staff
  • Use of all the general services available

If you are interested in renting an exhibitor stand, please fill in the attached form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.